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Because you can raise children who are thoughtful and respectful… without resorting to yelling, threatening, punishing OR turning a blind-eye to unacceptable behavior.

Let me show you how.

I’m Lisa Smith, The Peaceful Parent: Certified master parent coach, podcast host, and international best-selling author who coaches and teaches about peaceful parenting that works!

But I didn’t step gracefully onto this path… 

I tripped and fell HARD after six years of struggling to connect with my challenging, uncooperative son, Malcolm. 

I was accomplished and at the top of my game professionally… but I just couldn’t stop yelling and fighting with my son. I was angry and frustrated all the time, and the joys of parenting were few and far between.

After years of trying to figure it out, I started implementing peaceful parenting techniques… and everything changed for us! The change was honestly immediate - but it’s only improved with time.

Now Malcolm is now in college! And though we have hard moments and mistakes are made, we’re genuinely connected and there's a level of cooperation I only dreamed about years ago.

This mini-course is designed to kickstart your transition from yelling, fighting, threatening, punishing and playing the battle of wills game… to finally parenting with genuine communication, connection, and cooperation!

The best news? My “peaceful parent” method is specifically designed to support REAL-LIFE families with kids of all ages

The Peaceful Parent MINI-COURSE Is For You If

You’re sick and tired of your child’s disrespectful behavior… and the unproductive ways you deal with it

You’re overwhelmed by the constant power struggles… and how it triggers your own outbursts

You’re frustrated with the mismatch between how you want to parent… and what’s actually happening in real-life

Learn 3 Tools To Peaceful Parenting In 3 Easy Steps




The Peaceful Parent MINI-COURSE with Lisa Smith

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