If You’re Ready To Connect With Your Kids And Stop The Struggle, PLEASE READ THIS…

From The Desk of Lisa Smith

Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear friend,

I know why you yell at your kids.

It isn't because you hate them.

It isn't because you're a bad parent.

It isn't because you don't care about their wellbeing.

It's because you find yourself completely, totally past your breaking point...


...and your parent journey has been hell a little challenging ever since.

If you’ve been suffering like this for a long time, I know you might want to work with me in a way that is totally customized for your family

Because of this, I offer VIP one-on-one coaching that focuses on you, your family, and the issues that prevent you from deep connections with your children and peace in your home. 

I call it my “Journey to Peaceful Parenting Private Coaching Program.” 

It’s designed to help you reach your goals for your family and transform your parenting.

But before I go on... 

I’d Like to Make Something Clear

  • This is not some “woo woo” coaching.

  • I’m not going to tell you to let your kids just do whatever they want.

  • Peaceful parenting is NOT “permissive parenting.” 

  • You’re the grown-up, and you’re in charge. 

The exact methods I’ll give you are based on the same principles I used myself to transform from an angry, controlling mom who was constantly upset with my son and husband into a calm, confident, and connected leader in my home. 

If these principles worked for me, they can work for you too.   

They have
helped thousands of struggling parents I’ve coached restore calm and peace to their homes. 

So, with that said, let me show you… 

Exactly What You’re Getting

My VIP coaching program for private clients is $1800 (with payment plans available).

But don’t take out your wallet just yet. 

I’m certain this is NOT the first time you’ve come to someone for parenting help. 

You’ve probably been through countless books, courses, and worksheets already… 

And if you’re here, that means NONE of them were successful. 

I don’t want to be another bullet point on the list of parenting resources that didn’t help. 

In fact, I refuse! 

So before you pay me a dime for coaching… 

I’d like you to invite you jump on a 30-minute phone call with me, free of charge. 

No two families will get the same parenting advice from me… 

So it’s essential that I have the chance to listen and learn about your family’s specific struggles and dynamics. 

By the end of the call, I’ll know exactly what your family needs to become a peaceful household… 

And YOU’LL know whether or not you’d like to move forward with my VIP coaching package. 

Sound fair? 

But This Is About So Much More Than Just Parenting

Chances are, if your house isn’t a peaceful place…

The rest of your life isn’t, either. 

If it feels like chaos follows you wherever you go, please know that you aren’t at its mercy. 

The advice I give in my coaching often applies to ALL relationships—not just your children. 

When you overcome your anger and frustrations in the outside world, you’ll come home with a completely different mood and mindset. 

You won’t bring all that toxicity into your parenting, and your children won’t needlessly suffer. 

The best part is that this approach is... 

Specifically Designed for Parents Who Want to Stop the Yelling, Fighting, Arguing, Threatening, & Disrespect

Once upon a time, I, too, struggled with anger while parenting.

I knew my kid was fed up with me… and eventually I was fed up with me, too! 

So I started digging into WHY I felt so angry and upset all the time. 

The answer completely shocked me, and it’s what inspired my entire parent coaching business. 

I turned it into the model I use with my clients. So far, the results have been astounding. 

When you start using it, here’s what will happen: 

First, you’ll avoid meltdowns even starting. 

Emotions are much easier to handle BEFORE you or your kids are at the point of exploding.

Once you know how to navigate these emotions and “coach” your kids into cooperation… you’ll deal with FAR less kicking-and-screaming-on-the-floor tantrums, back talk, or those teenage glares that set you off. 

In the process, you’ll be a living example to your children of how to handle emotions in a healthy way. 

And once the ball’s rolling, a magical thing will happen… 

You’ll Start to ENJOY Parenting Again

You won’t feel like your kid’s servant—and your kids won’t feel like you’re a tyrant.

They’ll move quickly past their frustrations with the secure knowledge that you 100% understand and support them, and your peaceful family relationships can finally be restored.

Here's What to Do Next

The next step is for you to schedule your Discovery Call.

We’ll spend 30 minutes learning everything I can about your family’s specific struggles and dynamics.

If I feel I have life-changing parenting advice to offer you, and you feel we’re a good fit… we can move forward with my VIP coaching plan.

And if not, we can go our separate ways without any wasted money on your end. 

But Here's The Catch...

This offer is only for those interested in customized, top-of-the-line parenting help.

If you still believe there’s a book or article out there that could be the solution to your chaotic family…

By all means, please continue looking! Hopefully you’ll find something that works for you.

But if you’ve exhausted every resource, or you’re just plain desperate to regain calmness and clarity in your household…

You’re exactly who I designed these Discovery Calls for.

And if that’s your situation, I’d like to speak to you ASAP!

Click the button below to schedule your call. 

P.S. If you skip to the bottom of these pages like I do, here’s what you need to know:

  • If you’re ready to stop yelling at your kids and start fostering a peaceful, cooperative household, I’m here to help:

My methods are designed to bring peace to ALL areas of your life—and make you a better parent as a result.

  • If you’ve tried countless parenting books, courses, and worksheets, but nothing has worked for your family:

I’d like to offer you customized, tried-and-true parenting methods through my VIP coaching package.

Before you take your credit card out, let’s jump on a free 30-minute Discovery Call.

I’ll learn about your specific family struggles and dynamics. If it seems we’re a good fit, you can move forward with my VIP coaching plan.

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