Become A Calm & Confident Parent (in just 3 weeks!)

Learn how to navigate big
emotions & complete meltdowns 

Become A Calm & Confident Parent (in just 3 weeks!)

Learn how to navigate big
emotions & complete meltdowns 

You’re up against the hardest parts of parenting…
and you’re doing it with an empty toolbox!

Let’s change that!

Become a calm & confident parent who can navigate
big emotions with ease.

In this self-paced online course, you’ll learn

  • How to improve your relationship with your kid (even if you both have big emotions and bigger meltdowns!)

  • How to implement your greatest tool for connection, no matter how many “storms” pull you apart!

  • Exactly what to say and do as the Calm & Confident Parent you wish to be!

Here's What You Get

  • 3 short & sweet modules to walk you through my step-by-step method to calm & confident parenting (in as little as 3 weeks!)

  • 3 downloadable workbooks with audio-lessons (and more!)

  • 4 recorded coaching calls with real-life parents (asking real and relatable questions!)

All for just $47! 

(Regular Price: $197)

Module 1 

Becoming Your Kids’ Emotional Detective

Begin to understand your child’s big emotions: Anger, frustration, even apathy… it doesn't have to be a mystery anymore!

Module 2 

Develop The Greatest Parenting Tool for Connection

Learn the art of “deep listening” and the value it brings to your relationships with your kids. Begin to implement the practice in real-life moments with your kids (and others!)

Module 3 

Guide Your Kids to Greater Emotional Intelligence

Parent your kids in a way that they learn “life lessons” and achieve long-term growth… while you build trust & connection with each other!

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Move at your own pace and return to the course as necessary… 
because you have the course FOR LIFE!

Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Lisa. I am a Mom and Parent Coach who knows the joy of transformation! But really, I’ve been where you are… 

I’m a former “dominant parent” (the Queen Of Yelling). If I can find my way to Peaceful Parenting, you can, too.

I’ve devoted my life to helping frustrated parents – who regularly default to yelling, threatening and punishing – become peaceful leaders within their households. Because I know you can do this!